Becoming a member of a “Club” or “Private Society” is not a new concept.  Private societies have been in existence for centuries.  Most of them have been created by and exclusive to men.  The Free Masons, The Elks, Knights of Columbus, etc.  But that’s not why we started this club. Although we truly believe in the power of the female spirit, we’re not feminists or man-hater’s.

In our journey through motherhood and entrepreneurship this was the question we asked ourselves and are now asking you.  What if you could surround yourself with a group of “NICE GIRLS” who are powerful in spirit and mind?  Women who are positive, influential, and motivated with kind hearts.  Girlfriends who will always be in your corner and will share in all of life’s joys and pain.

These types of women are rare and special.  They do not exist everywhere.  We are proud to say they exist here in our Lady Savant Sisterhood.

“The Little Black Book Membership” was born in Bergen and Hudson Co.,  NJ.  We are expanding into NY and CT in 2015!