Pure Skin Salon and SPA

My vision for PURE SKIN Salon and SPA is for my clients to feel warm and welcomed – like family – in our “Boutique Like” full service salon and spa. Our clients will be able to have all their salon and spa needs serviced in one easy comfortable location. ​[...]

Weapons of productivity

My secret weapons of productivity – POW!!

By Avivit Fischer Founder of Redd Strategy   I have learned to keep my daily “to-do” lists short by consistently failing to complete more than fifty percent of my tasks. This reality check helped me get rid of guilt about not being productive enough and surprisingly turned me into a[...]

  1. Jennifer Bladel: Great article! Thanks Avivit for posting!

    • REdD Strategy: Thank you Jennifer! Let me know if there are any specific topics that you would like to read about.