I’m just going to say it. If you aren’t putting Nerium on your face, you are completely and totally missing out on the best skin of your life. And it’s one step. One. That’s it. Stop being crazy and start changing your skin! I’ll even let you try it completely[...]

Skulls Diapers

What you can learn from a 1 billion-dollar company

By Avivit Fisher, REdD Strategy. The Honest Company, created in 2012, has been valued at almost 1 billion dollars. The company was founded by Jessica Alba, an actress and a mother. For those who don’t know, it is an eco-friendly and non-toxic baby product company that among others includes diapers,[...]

  1. Brandyn: I love all your articles! You truly are really good at what you do! Thank you Avivit...you always make me…

  2. REdD Strategy: Thank you Brandyn! I try to give applicable insights so I would love to hear what you are re-thinking. :)


Interview: Maria Kiriakova “Be Passionate, Love What You Do, And Believe in Yourself”

Maria Kiriakova, Owner of Organizdwell, definitely has a few qualities I wish I inherited!    This lovely lady, a mom of 2 little girls,  not only loves organizing her own home, but she loves organizing OTHER peoples homes!   She loves organizing, arranging, putting things in order, filing, de-cluttering, decorating, cleaning,[...]


Exclusive Deal: TWIN FARMS

    Do not let the all-inclusive label at Twin Farms fool you. At this luxury property, personalization and attention to detail are key. From the individually decorated cottages and suites, to the locally sourced farm-to-table cuisine, Twin Farms is sure to be unlike any other all inclusive property you[...]